I’ve been talking about Geneva for a long time. I got the basics down earlier in the year. I tried to come up with my own set of sample apps, but failed to get anywhere. With the official release, and renaming to Windows Identity Foundation (WIF), I have renewed inspiration.

I read Michele Leroux Bustamante’s MSDN magazine article, Claim-Based Authorization with WIF, last night. After reading the article, I was confident that I could get a claims-aware WCF service stood up with a custom STS in a matter of hours. Today I downloaded and installed WIF. I also installed the WIF SDK and all of the prerequisite hotfixes. I perused the readme files and looked through some of the samples code. Everything is layed out sensibly, the samples are commented sufficiently, and the samples include setup and cleanup batch scripts when necessary.

The samples include:

Quick Start

  1. Simple Claims Aware Web Application
  2. Simple Claims Aware Web Service
  3. Simple Web Application With Information Card SignIn
  4. Simple Web Application With Managed STS
  5. Claims Aware Web Application in a Web Farm
  6. Using Claims In IsInRole

End-to-end Scenario

  1. Authentication Assurance
  2. Federation For Web Services
  3. Federation For Web Applications
  4. Identity Delegation
  5. Web Application With Multiple SignIn Methods
  6. Federation Metadata


  1. Claims Aware AJAX Application
  2. Convert Claims To NT Token
  3. Customizing Request Security Token
  4. Customizing Token
  5. WSTrustChannel
  6. Claims-based Authorization

All of the samples I’ve run through so far are great. The only thing that I’m not in love with is all the XML required to wire this stuff up. Maybe some Juval-style extensions would make it less painful.

One more thing – it looks like all of the XP users will finally have to upgrade. WIF only works with Vista, Win7, and Win2008. I heard that Win2003 compatibility will arrive in December.

Download Windows Identity Foundation

Download Windows Identity Foundation SDK

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