Sep 042015

AMQP 1.0 is “broker model independent” meaning there are no protocol requirements related to the internals of the broker. It complies with the International Standard ISO/IEC 19464. It is the only standard version of AMQP. As of last month, QPid Proton, SwftMQ, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, and MQLite are all supporting this relatively new standard.

Microsoft is currently working to retire their .NET-centric proprietary protocol, SBMP, over the next few months/ This will leave only the AMQP protocol when working with Azure Service Bus. The AMQP protocol backs the .NET SDK, which still has support for WCF with NetMessagingBinding. Developers may also choose to use AMQPNet Lite, which is an open source library for .NET and UWP (store apps). It is a lighter library exposing more of the primitives of AMQP. Another alternative is SBLite, which is a wrapper around AMQPNet Lite to abstract the low level details of AMQP.

Download Qpid Proton 0.10

Download AMQPNet Lite

Download SBLite


Sep 152014

I had a great time at Jax Code Impact over the weekend. Many thanks to Bayer and Brandy for putting together a free, enjoyable, and educational Saturday conference. As a first year conference, it was impressive to see more than 300 people registered for six tracks of Microsoft-focused presentations. Kevin Wolf was a big hit with his quadcopters, 3-D printer, and oculus rift. I personally enjoyed two separate talks on Redis by Henry Lee and Steve Danielson.

I talked about the Windows Azure Service Bus offerings, and hit on topics such as Relays, Queues, Topics, WCF bindings, Pub/Sub, AMQP, and of course some Cloud Design Patterns. 

Here are the slides and code demos from my talk:

Code Impact Service Bus Presentation – Slides

Code Impact Service Bus Presentation – Demo Code