.NET Framework Launch Condition Warning

 While it all makes sense now, it didn’t make sense when I first saw this warning message:

Warning 304 The version of the .NET Framework launch condition ‘.NET Framework 4 Client Profile’ does not match the selected .NET Framework bootstrapper package. Update the .NET Framework launch condition to match the version of the .NET Framework selected in the Prerequisites Dialog Box.

 While building a Setup project, which hosts a Windows Service that requires the full .NET Framework 4 profile, this warning message appears. I do not accept warnings or error messages in my code, so naturally I must seek and destroy the cause of this message. Before you do the following, make sure that the client profile selected matches between your project properties and the .NET framework profile on the prerequisites screen from the setup project’s properties screen.

After the setup project’s prerequisites match your project’s client profile, change the profile for your setup project’s installer Launch Conditions.

  1. Right-click on the setup project, select View and then Launch Conditions.
  2. Click on .NET Framework under Launch Conditions.
  3. Change the Version in the properties window to match the client profile selected in the project properties and setup project prerequisites.
Launch Conditions in Visual Studio
Launch Conditions Settings in Visual Studio

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