Developers – Get ready for the future!

Important, proven, and universally-useful technologies like WCF and Mobile are still not well-known in the development community. Many believe there is another boom, similar to the 1992 Internet boom, on the horizon that will require skilled and knowledgeable developers to engineer the framework and associated connecting systems. Staying tech-current and adapting to our new world is an absolute necessity. Don’t become the COBOL programmer of the future. Knowing these great system-connecting technologies (WCF, Mobile, Cloud, etc.) will quickly become a requirement to compete in the software industry.

Check out the following interview with Richard Campbell (DotNetRocks, RunAs Radio) and Juval Lowy (IDesign) talking about the EnergyNet at the DevConnections conference. The growing hype about alternative energy and the EnergyNet is stunning. Technology has progressed far enough where we can start to tie together disparate systems to benefit producers and consumers alike.

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