2014 Jax Code Impact: Slides and Code

I had a great time at Jax Code Impact over the weekend. Many thanks to Bayer and Brandy for putting together a free, enjoyable, and educational Saturday conference. As a first year conference, it was impressive to see more than 300 people registered for six tracks of Microsoft-focused presentations. Kevin Wolf was a big hit with his quadcopters, 3-D printer, and oculus rift. I personally enjoyed two separate talks on Redis by Henry Lee and Steve Danielson.

I talked about the Windows Azure Service Bus offerings, and hit on topics such as Relays, Queues, Topics, WCF bindings, Pub/Sub, AMQP, and of course some Cloud Design Patterns. 

Here are the slides and code demos from my talk:

Code Impact Service Bus Presentation – Slides

Code Impact Service Bus Presentation – Demo Code

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